Corrupted Souls by Lynn-Steven Johanson is a page-turning police procedural novel that takes readers on a nail-biting journey full of murder and mystery…This was one of the best police procedurals novels that I’ve read…Corrupted Souls is a riveting crime thriller novel that will take readers through an intense homicide investigation. This page-turning mystery will have readers guessing till the end. —Literary Titan

“Like Harry Bosch in LA and Vic Lenoski in Pittsburgh, Lynn-Steven Johanson’s Joe Erickson is a detective struggling with his own inner demons as he takes on a case full of twists that requires all of his skill and intuition to solve. Johanson masterfully proves that sometimes a murder is just the tip of the iceberg.” — Justin M. Kiska, author of Parker City Mysteries

“Chicago comes to life in Lynn-Steven Johanson’s new page-turner. Full of twists and turns, Corrupted Souls promises fans of police procedurals a favorite new detective to root for.” —Jen Collins Moore, author of the Maggie White Mysteries

“…readers get to go along for the intricate ride in this absorbing tale that is both murder mystery and police procedural.” —US Review of Books

“…the story offers many gripping moments that will especially please seasoned mystery readers as well as those with prior familiarity with Joe’s life and adventures in Rose’s Thorn and Havana Brown.” —D. Donovan, Senior Editor, Midwest Book Review

Lynn-Steven Johanson has made a habit of reinventing himself over the years: teacher, professor, director, playwright, and now, novelist. He sees himself as continually evolving, both personally and professionally.

Lynn’s mother wrote occasional articles for area newspapers as well as a column for the local paper during World War II. His sister is also writer, so writing appears to be a family trait.

Rose’s Thorn, Lynn’s first mystery novel, is based on a screenplay he wrote numerous years ago. Taking his wife’s suggestion, he fleshed out the story into a novel.

The main character’s name, Joe Erickson, was the name of Lynn’s maternal grandfather who died eight years before Lynn was born.

Lynn featured Marathon, Iowa, in Rose’s Thorn, and again in Havana Brown, because he wanted to pay homage to his hometown.


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