Lynn’s newest novel, Havana Brown, has been released by Level Best Books. Look for it on Amazon and in all major bookstores.

“This story relentlessly builds as insidiously as the anger of Johanson’s funeral-director antagonist until you’re turning pages faster and faster. The secret might be how Johanson unravels the mystery with fierce commitments to the radical clarity and chronological order primarily through Erickson’s eyes and also through the viewpoint of the killer…He makes Havana Brown more than worth your time.” – BookTrib.com

Havana Brown is a compelling crime novel that kept me coming back to see the unique ways in which Joe pieces the mystery together…This book was difficult to put down! I look forward to reading more books in the Detective Joe Erickson series.” – Literary Titan

“Homicide detective Joe Erickson returns, this time obsessive as ever when he is pitted against a serial killer as methodical as Dexter, and as cold as a winter breeze in Chicago. Fans of thrillers will feel Joe’s every frustration and relish his small triumphs, but they won’t deny author Lynn-Steven Johanson’s talent. Havana Brown has twists and turns, crisp dialog, and introduces readers to a sinister, terrifying, and unforgettable killer.” — Gabriel Valjan, Agatha and Anthony-nominated author of The Naming Game

“Mystery and detective readers who like more than a casual dose of psychological inspection will find Havana Brown a powerful story outlining conflicts on many different levels, both within the psyche and between characters.” – D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

Lynn-Steven Johanson has made a habit of reinventing himself over the years: teacher, professor, director, playwright, and now, novelist. He sees himself as continually evolving, both personally and professionally.

Lynn’s mother wrote occasional articles for area newspapers as well as a column for the local paper during World War II. His sister is also writer, so writing appears to be a family trait.

Rose’s Thorn, Lynn’s first mystery novel, is based on a screenplay he wrote numerous years ago. Taking his wife’s suggestion, he fleshed out the story into a novel.

The main character’s name, Joe Erickson, was the name of Lynn’s maternal grandfather who died eight years before Lynn was born.

Lynn featured Marathon, Iowa, in Rose’s Thorn, and again in Havana Brown, because he wanted to pay homage to his hometown.


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