• Finalist (1 of 6) Manhattan Repertory Theatre’s Spring Short Play Contest, New York, New York (GHOSTS OF NORMANDY), 2019.

• Best Script Award, Copenhagen Theatre Circle Fringe Festival, Copenhagen, Denmark (NEFARIOUS), 2019.

• Second Place Award Winner, 3rd Annual Playwrights Jamboree, Rhino Theatre Company, Pompton Lakes, New Jersey, (GHOSTS OF NORMANDY), 2018.

• Semi-finalist, Ashland New Plays Festival, Ashland, Oregon (BEHOLD THE MAN), 2016.

• Finalist (1 of 6) 18th Annual Arts and Letters Drama Prize, Georgia College State University, Milledgeville, Georgia (SERENDIPITY), 2016.

• Finalist, Pint Sized Script Slam, Winner of Best Actor and Best Actress Awards, Fishguard, United Kingdom (DOGS AND CATS LIVING TOGETHER), 2013.

• Winner ( 1 of 3) Chameleon Theatre Circle’s 14th Annual New Play Contest, Burnsville, Minnesota (SERENDIPITY), 2013.

• Finalist (1 of 6) CAST Players National One-Act Playwriting Contest, Beaumont, California (AGING GRACE), 2012.

• Winner of the Tallahassee Writers Association Project Stagelight Award for Best Play, Tallahassee, Florida (TWISTED), 2010.

• Winner of the 1st Annual One-Act Play Festival, Pend Oreille Playhouse, Newport, Washington (SHOOTING POOL WITH A ROPE), 2010.

• Winner of the 10th Annual New Voice Play Festival, Old Opera House Theatre, Charles Town, West Virginia (SHOOTING POOL WITH A ROPE), 2010.

• Winner of the Snowdance 10-Minute Comedy Festival, Racine Wisconsin (THE CRUCIFIXION OF MOE AND IRA), 2008.

• Finalist, Second Place Award Winner, Tallahassee Writers Association Project Autumnlight , Tallahassee, Florida (JOANNA ON MY MIND), 2007.

• Winner of an AriZoni Theatre Award of Excellence, Best Original Play, Phoenix, Arizona (A TALE FROM THE NORTH WOODS), 2007.

• Winner of the East Valley Community Theatre Playwriting Contest, Mesa, Arizona (A TALE FROM THE NORTH WOODS), 2006.

• Runner-up Award Winner, Festival of Firsts Playwriting Competition, Carmel, California (TRAILER PARK TANGO), 2000.

• Winner of the Nantucket Short Play Competition, Nantuckett, Massachusetts (BUFORD AND LEROY), 1998.

• Runner-up Award, One-Act Marathon, Attic Theatre, Hollywood, California (BUFORD AND LEROY), 1998.

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